Picture of the Week

Retro Renault – Saviem SG2 & Renault F1 RS – 1978/79

Pictured at the 20th Anniversary of Group Renault’s Van Division at Les Pyramides, near Paris were a selection of vehicles from the Renault Classic Collection such as the Saviem Renault Super Goelette SG2, a very popular van produced from 1965 to 1982. It was the predecessor to the Renault Master.

Alongside is the Renault Formula 1 RS 01 Turbo race car. At the beginning of the 1970s, Renault developed a V6 Turbo. Initially, it was used in the Renault-Alpine prototypes and then in Renault Formula 1.

Renault Pro+ continues the long established partnership with the Renault Sport Formula One Team, supplying vans and people carries to meet their logistics needs. To share this passion with customers a limited production run of black and gold Formula Edition Series is available across the Renault van range.

Grand Prix fans will recognize the similarity between the color scheme on the Renault F1 RS 01 and today’s Renault F1 RS 27.