New CameraMatics app from ProVision at CV Show 2018

At the forthcoming Commercial Vehicle Show 2018 at the NEC, Birmingham from 24-26 April, ProVision will demonstrate a new mobile-based CameraMatics app targeted at fleet managers to help with minimising risks, and tracking compliance, associated with running a commercial vehicle fleet.

Available for both iOS and Android, the innovative app will cover Accident Reporting and Checks Management for vehicles and represents a major extension to ProVision’s comprehensive CameraMatics solution. Demonstrations will be available on ProVision’s stand, and the app is expected to be available as part of an initial controlled release to the market in early May.

Strengthening ProVision’s offering as an all-in-one package, the app provides additional flexibility for fleet managers, and can be used as standalone products or in conjunction with ProVision’s Cloud Connected Plan. Known for its CameraMatics solution which uses camera footage and vehicle data, ProVision has built up a range of services to support risk and compliance tracking, with the new app being the latest offering from the company.

“Integrating seamlessly into ProVision’s current risk management portal, information on the fleet’s status can be instantly accessed at any time and anywhere thanks to cloud-based connectivity,” said Mervyn O’Callaghan, Managing Director of ProVision.

“This new app will help fleet managers to supplement data collection by making it easier for drivers to complete important checks. Information from vehicle walk around checks and accident reports are entered digitally and instantly relayed to the fleet manager. This removes the need for paper-based checks, while drivers can feel confident that vehicle faults and issues have been properly recorded and shared with management,” added Mervyn.

Vehicle checks are key to compliance reporting as they reduce workshop and maintenance costs. Additionally, fleets often carry out a wide array of checks for various aspects of their business. The Checks Management section of ProVision’s app allows key data to be gathered and stored, making it easy to recall and codify specific details during a review or following an incident.

This highly customisable solution is more than just a basic list. Fleet managers can compile bespoke checklists tailored to the specific requirements of the fleet. Certain points can be marked as “critical”, such as disconnected brake lines or broken indicators, and fleet managers will be automatically notified if one of their vehicles does not meet mandatory checks. Accreditation schemes such as FORS (the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) have specific questions and requirements, and these can be easily added to the manager’s checklist.

Depending on the requirements of the fleet, the app can be configured to perform multiple checks over the course of a driver’s journey, unlike some other apps which only allow one check a day.