The Unsinkable Entrepreneur

Reading Matters: The Unsinkable Entrepreneur by Enda O’Coineen (Kilcullen) ISBN 978-0-9516662-1-0

Enda_OCoineenwInspirational, educational and intriguing are just three words that I to use in an attempt to describe Enda O’Coineen’s updated edition of The Unsinkable Entrepreneur. Throughout the 260 pages the Galway native details in easy-to-read fashion of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. We get to share the ups and downs of his business life some of it, which dovetailed with his other passions – the sea and sailing. The ‘Golden Rule’ of entrepreneurship is frequently drilled home – Never Give Up – sometimes one may have to give in but invariably obstacles can be overcome, some way, some how.

Entrepreneurs rarely take the academic route to success – their journey to glory is often paved along the path of the University of Life. Gut feeling together with shrewd and swift actions bring a good idea to life backed up of course with the finance that is always required to make it happen. More often than not, the project takes much longer than first envisaged and when the product reaches the marketplace a certain sense of anti-climax creeps in.

Enda’s first venture into this world was in setting up a magazine called Afloat which led to another title Security World which was far removed from the yachting and boating scene. His next big move was to seek funding for a sailing adventure around the World. Sail Ireland was to enter the Whitbread – the precursor to Volvo Ocean Race – a round of which docked in Galway, and of which Enda was instrumental in bringing Leg 7 of the 2008-2009 event to the West. And with the announcement that the City of the Tribes is to be the official finish for the 2011-2012 race, O’Coineen’s negotiation skills as Chairman of Let’s Do It Global Ltd came to the fore again. He also had a major role to play in organising Green Dragon, the Irish/Chinese entry in the race.

As with any business dealing, communication is the key, contacts vital and honesty cum transparency essential. Enda in his own way describes how various deals did or did not work for him – and offers an explanation on the foreseen and unforeseen pitfalls. Some of the failures were down to bad timing or poor choice of management personnel. Most of the bad experiences happened during his time in Central Europe where a network of company successes formed the foundation to establish Kilcullen Kapital, an investment management firm, which has interests in renewable energy, manufacturing, finance and service industries. Along the way Enda has provided the opportunity for a number of employees to go on and enter the great gamble that is entrepreneurship. Reading this book will encourage the lukewarm or budding person that has thoughts in this direction to go for it – without reservation. Through Kilcullen Kapital, Enda has provided the start-up finance for numerous concepts/ideas thereby ensuring a speedy entry to market minus the time and energy sapping delays.

Having crossed the Atlantic several times (once single handed in a fifteen and a half inflatable dingy) Enda demonstrated his clear determination to succeed; the ultimate ingredient of a successful entrepreneur – true entrepreneurs are unsinkable.

Thanks for sharing the dreams and realities. Jarlath Sweeney