Fleetmatics Case Study – Kerrigan Mechanical  

Kerrigan Mechanical (Athboy, County Westmeath) is one of Ireland’s leading mechanical services companies – boasting a talented workforce with a wide range of experience in the commercial plumbing, heating ventilation and extract systems. The firm’s goal is to ensure that all customers are satisfied and projects are executed with care in a timely fashion, be it a two-bedroom private house or a newly converted castle in the heart of Ireland’s rural landscape. Kerrigan Mechanical has developed from the commercial and industrial experiences of Midland Heating & Plumbing Ltd, providing top of the range products and services since 1998 to customers across Ireland, and continues to do so, bringing both quality and reliability to all projects undertaken.  Kerrigan Mechanical is committed to providing energy-efficient solutions to its diverse range of clients within the commercial, domestic and renewable energy sectors.

From its Athboy Business Park base on the Trim Road, the company relies on workers individually traveling to and from projects daily and this can present significant obstacles. It has a fleet of vehicles which each need to undergo stringent analysis, from assessing driving habits to fuel consumption metrics. In addition, as Kerrigan Mechanical prides itself on offering a reliable service for its customers, it is imperative for the management team to have access to a full overview of daily work, routing and location of drivers always.

It is no surprise then that Kerrigan Mechanical needed to find an efficient and trustworthy mobile workforce management system to meet its goals. For employers within this sector, workforce management is the foundation of the work – being able to quickly get to a destination, as well as knowing the whereabouts of every worker on a job. Fleetmatics was the obvious choice – offering user-friendly interfaces which clearly present real-time data and a no-cost installation fee for each vehicle.

“Working in the building services sector means that we have to be able to offer a service where customers are assured that they will receive help when it is needed,” explained Frank Kelly, Financial Controller for Kerrigan Mechanical. “Using Fleetmatics software allows us to clearly navigate to locations, visualise employee data and pull together essential reports which position us as one of the most reliable and efficient mechanical companies in the country. As we work on such diverse projects, we must manage a mix of trades and could have up to ten operatives on any one site. Using Fleetmatics has meant that we can continue to offer the customer service that differentiates us from any other business in the sector.”

In addition to improving its overall service, Fleetmatics has been a key component in helping to encourage Kerrigan Mechanical driver safety and accountability. Fleetmatics’ solution monitors every driver’s performance focusing on driving practices such as speeding and harsh braking, hence, identifying opportunities for training. Fleetmatics’ REVEAL option provides a flexible way for Kerrigan Mechanical to organise and understand key insights based on important criteria, such as speed, fuel efficiency and time spent idling. These tools enable Kerrigan Mechanical to evaluate its drivers’ behaviours and enact real change in their fleet’s safety and driving standards.

Another unexpected but welcome return from working with Fleetmatics has been the immediate financial savings Kerrigan Mechanical has seen since implementing the software. Using the Fleetmatics’ system, the company has been able to refine its payroll system, resulting in cost savings. This is extremely important in an industry where project cost drives revenue. Additionally, the data generated has allowed the company to identify which older vehicles are running inefficiently, enabling the company to take steps to ensure the fleet is running in the most long-term cost-effective way, even if that means the upfront investment of replacing older vans.

Overall, the benefit of using Fleetmatics has been overwhelmingly positive, something Frank attributes to the straightforward, friendly customer service and intuitive user interface. “Fleetmatics does what it says on the tin,” he explains. “The Fleetmatics team is upfront on what the system can achieve from day one. The system provides so many benefits and we’re seeing a fantastic return on investment – I can’t fault it.”