IVECO opens new Daily Center at its Suzzara plant

Suzzara, Italy. IVECO officially opened its first new Daily Center, a pointer to the way its vans with be sold in the future. This brand new factory outlet at the gateway to the home of the Daily, was created to showcase the multi-award winning product family at its best and offer a unique customer experience. The Daily Center building is also a prime example of sustainability as it is a reconstruction of the New Holland Pavilion at the Expo 2015 in Milan.

Located on the site of its manufacturing plant in Suzzara, the home of the multi-award winning Daily family, the factory outlet will enable the brand to offer customers a unique experience and host events dedicated to this successful product family. 

Customers will also be able to see how the Daily comes together at the manufacturing plant. They will have first-hand experience of the advanced manufacturing technologies and processes that guarantee the consistently high quality of the vehicles coming off the assembly line. Suzzara is a plant at the forefront of the industry that works according to World Class Manufacturing (WCM), the highest standards in manufacturing for the integrated management of plants and processes. It was one of the very first plants in CNH Industrial to achieve the advanced Silver Level in 2012 and is now aiming for Gold. 

Sustainable through and through, the new Daily Center was designed specifically to express the sustainability values of IVECO’s sister brand New Holland Agriculture as its pavilion at the MILAN EXPO 2015 exhibition. It was conceived to be completely eco-sustainable, built without generating waste of any kind, and to be repurposed at the end of the exhibition, having been dismantled without leaving any traces and reconstructed at a company site.  It was built at the EXPO without foundations following dry construction techniques in order to avoid the use of concrete and water. The prefabricated lightweight steel pieces were assembled on site with screws, resulting in a clean and well-organized build. At the end of the International Exhibition the pavilion was dismantled easily and cleanly, leaving the area unpolluted. All the pieces were shipped and the structure was re-built at its new home in Suzzara.