140 Tonnes from Kilnhurst to Immingham

With 140 tonnes of deaerator vessel destined for Immingham Dock, South Yorkshire’s Charles Thompson Ltd appointed Collett & Sons to facilitate the route planning, transport and port agency services for the cumbersome 28m long cargo.

The meticulous planning identified extensive street furniture modifications and removals which would be required to ensure that the 28.3m (L) x 5.64m (W) x 5.65m (H) cargo could safely navigate the 112 mile route from factory to portside.   This included the removal of gates, sign posts, traffic lights and bollards, the ramping of curbs and the partial surfacing of a roundabout.  Tree pruning would also be an essential part of the preliminary preparations, ahead of the transport project taking place with numerous sections pre-trimmed to a height of 6.8m, to ensure the loaded vehicle could pass unimpeded.

With the street furniture removed and the foliage trimmed, the next challenge would be the power cables along the route.  The 6.7m loaded height of the vehicle would not be able to safely pass under each cable and as a result Western Power, National Grid and Northern Power Grid agreed that during the transport there would be ten separate power outages in place.