13 Finalists in 5 categories announced for IFOY Awards 2018

Following the first adjudication phase, the International Intralogistics & Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Awards jury selected thirteen products and solutions, manufacturers and providers for the 2018 awards programme. On 6/7 February, the 5 category finalists which includes BYD, Jungheinrich, Liebherr, J.D. Neuhaus, Still, Gebr, Schulte, Wegard and Witron go forward to compete in the second round at the IFOY test days in Hannover, Germany undertaken by the 26-member judging panel, which includes Fleet Transport/Handling Network magazines.

“What is special about the IFOY test series is that the finalists are not compared to each other, yet their competitors’ devices are on the market. Only those who surpass their direct competitors in terms of innovation are among the best in the world,” explained Anita Würmser, Chairperson of the IFOY jury. “Jurors from all over the world travel to Hannover to test the nominated devices themselves. Among other things, the IFOY Award assesses innovative quality, technology, design, ergonomics, handling, safety, cost effectiveness and sustainability.”

The winners will be chosen by the jury made up of a panel renowned trade journalists from leading logistics media in 18 countries around the globe. The trophies will be awarded on the opening night of the world’s leading intralogistics trade fair CeMAT in Hannover.

IFOY Awards 2018 – Shortlist

Counter Balanced Truck category – BYD and Still

The BYD ECB50C with a load capacity of five tonnes, launched in December, has been nominated. The powerful electric forklift truck provides six hours of continuous operation and can be fully charged in just three hours. With the ECB50C, the Chinese manufacturer is competing against powerful diesel and gas models, especially when used outdoors.

The brand new Still RX 20 electric forklift with a capacity of 1.6 tonnes is the second nomination in this category. The agile and fast all-rounder for indoor and outdoor uses can be operated for the first time with either batteries of the A or B circuit. The concept combines high handing capacity with precision, good climbing ability on ramps and on ergonomic workplace.

Warehouse Truck category – Jungheinrich, Still and Wegard

Jungheinrich received two nominations in the Warehouse Truck category. The further developed ECE 225 easyPILOT Follow will take part in the test. Using the newly developed remote-control option, which can be retrofitted for all ECE models, the 2.5 tonne order picker automatically follows its operator to the next picking station. Radio technology is used for a 100 percent reliable connection between vehicle and operator.

The leading German manufacturer is also nominated for the high-power tow tractor EZS 7280. The special model, which is available since November, was developed for heavy-duty outdoor use at airports, industry or logistics. It offers a towing capacity of 28 tonnes and sets a new benchmark for electric sit on tractors. The new alternative to combustion engines archives a speed of 25 km/h and is particularly strong when driving on ramps.

Another nomination goes to the Still OPX-L 16 horizontal order picket introduced in December. The flagship of the new and versatile OPX order picker series has a rated load capacity of 2.5 tonnes and sets a new benchmark in terms of ergonomics. The comfortable all-rounder is designed for maximum performance in the tightest working environments and over long distances.

The fourth nomination in the Warehouse Truck category goes to the modular tugger train of the Hamburg-based start-up Wegard. “Wegard Trail” tugger train trolleys are the world’s first to utilize an autonomous electronic steering. It can therefore be combined from different trolley types to meet specific requirements and does not require a special tractor. For the first time, driving manoeuvres such as sideways parking, precise positioning and reverse driving are also possible.


J.D. Neuhaus and Liebherr nominated for Crane & Lifting Appliance

 There are two nominations at the inaugural Crane and Lifting Appliance category.

With the 500-mini air hoist, J.D. Neuhaus has won a nomination for its world premiere. The compact all-rounder, developed in close cooperation with customers, provides load capacities of 125 to 980 kilograms and is suitable for all applications. It is designed for maximum efficiency due to its considerably higher pneumatic power density and its 100% duty cycle. For the first time in the industry, the JDN 500 mini also features an integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) sensor with service app.

The other nomination goes to Liebherr’s MK 140 electric mobile construction crane. The 5-axle model with VarioJib and set-up status detection is only 15.97 metres long and is the first crane to combine the trolley mode for maximum handing operation, and the luffing mode for special operations. This crane sympiosis achieves lifting heights of up to 94 metres and outreaches of up to 65 metres, which have so far only been achieved with much larger machines and an enormous amount of set-up work.

Special of the Year finalists – Jungheinrich, Gebr, Schulte and Still

 Three brands qualify for this year’s Special of the Year category.

Jungheinrich claims its fourth nomination for the cross-technology battery charging system SLH300. It is particularly suitable for mixed fleets or companies planning to switch their fleet from conventional lead-acid to more efficient lithium-ion technology. The SLH300 enables charging of both technologies with only one device.

The MULTIplus shelves from Schulte Lagertechnik is another finalist. Despite edge heights of only 25 to 40 millimetres, the shelves can support shelf loads from 85 to 330 kilgorams. The new MULTIplus150, which has been specially developed for e-commerce warehouses, is the first shelf that carries 150 kilograms with a shelf width of 1,500 mm and an edge height of only 25 mm.

Still entered the IFOY 2018 competition with the EASY Drive steering wheel developed for the OPX horizontal order picker. Behind this is a new operating concept for warehouse equipment. Instead of the classic tiller steering system, a car-like steering wheel is used, which allows all hydraulic functions to be operated simultaneously without having to change gear.

Integrated Warehouse Solution category – Jungheinrich and Witron

In the supreme discipline of Integrated Warehouse Solution, two suppliers were nominated.

As the general contractor for technical solutions, Jungheinrich completed the expansion of the Keller & Kalmbach central warehouse by the end of 2016. For the C-parts management specialist, the high-bay warehouse (HBW) was extended from five to ten aisles and a further 37,450 pallet storage spaces without interrupting operations for a single day. The originally two-aisle automatic small parts warehouse (ASPW) was expanded by six aisles for a total of 155,000 cartons. The construction of a new tray warehouse for 15,000 customised trays was also added. Today, about 150 tonnes of goods with approximately 10,000 pick-items in cartons, small load carriers or open fronted storage bins reach Keller & Kalmbach’s customers through the outgoing goods department every day. This means that not only the available storage and logistics s pace increased from 10,000 m2 to 18,500 m2, yet the overall plant performance doubled.

Witron Logistik + Informatick GmbH was shortlisted for the Migros Distribution Center Suhr AG in Switzerland. Witron has succeeded in merging the small volume order picking systems of Swiss firm Migrolino AG with Migros branch business. Today, the omnichannel logistics center supplies more than 300,000 retail units to more than 600 Migros branches and more than 118,000 pick units to Migrolino shops at petrol or railway stations on a peak day. In particular, the picking performance was increased by a factor of 3 compared to a manual warehouse. In addition, an increase in volume of 9 to 20 million picks per year shall be taken into account in the coming years.

As a result, the logistics system integrator has automated the previously manual Migrolino logistics in a two level, 14,000 square metres warehouse with ongoing operation in such a way that both areas support each other.